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"I am really gay," I was quoted saying in a website that has 200k+ readers. Now it’s going to be really embarrassing when I realize that it’s only a phase.

Hate OKCupid? Try Online Dating When You're Transgender 

Thanks to Nicole for writing about Mesh, a dating site that I cofounded!

I illustrated a portrait of my vibrator, and then got an endorsement from the makers of it.

"All I Need in This Life of Sin" for, and for all the single ladies. Also, someone thought this was a microphone. What a poor and lost soul. 

Hey, guys! I cofounded Mesh, and it’s the first mainstream dating site to include queer, transgender, and non-binary as identification options. I think it’s pretty important that the community finds out about this, especially since other sites have ignored the demand for these options. We’re in pre-beta mode right now, but you can register using this link: Take a look around and let me know what you think! We’re always looking out for suggestions.

"Miadonna with Child" for "69 Love Comics" @ (Interspecies love, ya’ll.)

Track #3 “Bad Juju.” Vocals by my friend Ariel are coming soon.

My second track is called “A Sprout,” and it’s obviously a tribute to Celine Dion.

Last month, I wrote that Mesh won’t put anyone in a box by limiting their gender and sexuality options, and we’ve stuck to our word.

Our pre-beta doors opened two weeks ago, and because we built our site with everyone in mind, our users can identify as queer and transgender. And like I promised in my last post, that was just a start. After reading our users’ suggestions, we made a unanimous decision to expand our options even more.

Mesh is now happy to include “non-binary” as a gender, because we know that there are people who don’t fit into the binary, and we mean it when we say that we welcome everyone.

Our team’s dedicated to providing the best experience possible, so the LGBTQ+ community will always have our unwavering support. And it will never take a petition to get us to listen.

I felt sweetness
wrap me up
like a sliver wraps the sun
it was warm, and it drew me
closer to a dream

I felt sweetness
when I saw
silver in the sun

Current OkCupid default.

"Mirror in the Sky" for 69 Love Comics @

"Soul to Soul" for 69 Love Comics @

Nothing will convince you that you’re about to die more than having Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” begin to play at the same time that your flight starts experiencing turbulence.

We Finally Know Who the Weed Fairy Is